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Recent chest pain

Posted by Mad O. Facebook

Im Mario, ive just moved to Germany from Cyprus for studies(2 weeks now)
without a reason i ve increased the amount of cigarettes i smoke in a day
(Around 20)
im smokin for a year now.

ive recognised a chest pain 3 days now
i reduced smokin to 2-3 cigs per day but the pain goes one
the pain appears when i breath deeply in the middle of my breast and then
spreads upper till my head,causing me headaches
my heartbeat is strong too, i feel it when i rest.

should i worry?
is it due to smoking or maybe cold weather?
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I would go to the doctor to check it out, just in case it is anything serious. Chest pain is not something to mess around with.


I would like to suggest go and meet to doctor, because as a smoker myself i can say thats not normal or good Try cutting down on the amount you smoke, If it is possible then please quit complete smoking as soon as possible. Smoking cigarettes increases your risk of serious health problems, including lung cancer.
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