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Random thoughts on a random day

Posted Sep 11 2008 8:43pm
If given a choice and you must give up one sense, which would it be? Sight or hearing? Most would keep sight over hearing. I understand that, but would keep my hearing over sight. I wouldn't want to give up listening to music, birds sing, breeze rustle through leaves, children laughing.

Are you satisfied with your life and accomplishments? I'm not and hope I'm never satisfied. I need a challenge, a reason to rise each morning. I want to experience, do things, see places most only dream of. I'm fortunate, I've done so much already. I've visited some very exotic places. But I have more on my list!

If I were to die tomorrow, would I have regrets? This answer changes a lot on some small levels, but overall I must answer no. I have had a wonderful life to date. My marriage has been almost a lifelong classroom in itself, and I am still discovering things that surprise me. One is that sometimes I really don't like him very much. This makes me sad.

I have 2 beautiful daughters, they are full of compassion, talent, wit. I devoted many years to my girls. I spent a lot of time taking children places, learning with them, seening new things. The best way to see something new is with a child, through their eyes and mind.

I want to expand my circle of friends. I want to deepen some of the relationships I've begun. I want to grow my understanding of things that are different from me and my culture.

Abraham Lincoln:
And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.
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