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Quit Smoking

Posted by C.L. R.

I have a friend who has been smoking since he was in his teens. He says he really wants to quit but is not really willing to do anything other than the patch, which he quickly fails at. Does anyone know of a tried and true method that might appeal?
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Smoke-free. Here's a CDC-sponsored website that apparently teaches people how to quit smoking and talks about withdrawal, sticking to the habit, etc.: I don't have an answer for you that's concrete, since most of the people I know have quit cold turkey, but others have sworn by Nicotine Replacement Therapy. However, changing your behavior and getting support for it are also imperative to quitting smoking. Other people I knew told me that going to the gym regularly helped them kick the habit, also.
Where There's Smoke There's a Program. There is a twelve step program for everything. I heard there is even a Surfers Anonymous for people who just cant get out of the water. Nicotine Anonymous has worked for a lot of my friends, many of them with nary a patch, gum or chaw. Find one in your area with this link: There s even a program for people like myself who just can t stop talking (or blogging.) Its called On Anon. And on. And on.
I wonder if he actually wants to quit? If he's unwilling to try most things, then he might be hedging against the idea altogether. As an ex-smoker, I know that you can't quit until you are good and ready. That said, keep encouraging him to quit. Whether or not he wants to now, he will in time and he'll need to know you're there to support him. What I did when my time came was take away a cigarette every day (first day, take one away so you have 12 and then the next day take another so you have 11 for that day and continue on) until, after about 13 days, I was left with none. I had to quit because I wasn't going to allow myself any more. It's tough but it can be done with only suckers (and a horrid mood) to aid in quitting! I'd suggest adding a work-out regimen, as quitting often comes with weight gain and the endorphins might improve his mood.
I tried the patch for like 4 times already, my mom quit with the nicorette gum so im going to try that next

Tell him to try Chantix it works for many people that I know of, but not me.

I think the best way to stop is getting locked in a room for 2 weeks with no access to cigarettes

I quit using Chantix. I was a pack plus smoker for 36 years and quit in September 2007. I have tried and failed using other methods but this was the drug for me. I did not have a difficult time taking Chantix but there are other people that have a tough time, it's a choice but of course it's something to discuss with his doctor. For me, the toughest aspect of quitting and staying quit is to understand what cigarettes meant to me for so long. Smoking and Quitting is more psychological than anything else. He should discuss quitting with his doctor.

I've found that, being a smoker for eight years, smoking is more the WANT to have a cigarette rather then the NEED to have a cigarette. It's more about needing to do someting to keep your hands or your mouth busy. Next time you're with him and he craves a cigarette, Give him a sucker, or any other piece of hard candy for that matter. (I would go with something sugar free to reduce the weight-gain that accompanies the quitting process).

It's helped me cut back quite a bit. I was at 2-3 packs a day three months ago and with this method i have reached a point where a pack will last me almost three days.

Also encourage him to only buy a pack at a time. It will show him how much money it's really cost him and will give him  more motivation to quit. This method also makes buying packs an inconvienence when your pack runs out rather than just going to your carton.

When i started to cut back and the packs started last three days instead of six hours i started putting the money that i would have been spending on another pack into a jar.

Not only did i realize how much money i was throwing away but i found myself wanting to add to the jar more and more often. Before i knew it i had almost 2 hundred dollars.


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Dean Chitren

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