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Quit smoking resolution…here we go

Posted Jun 22 2009 12:15pm

OK, just as I promised in my earlier post " quit smoking by christmast will you be the one?"  Today I will continue to the next step of quitting smoking by christmas time.  Now, if you follow the step I mentioned earlier, then your empty cigarette pack would’ve been full with money by now.  So you are ready to follow these steps below:

  • Empty your cigarette pack.
  • Count the money you have saved inside that cigarette pack.  How much you get? $5, $10, $15,$ or even more.
  • Imagine where would that money would’ve gone if you didn’t save them.  Burn to ashes, left nothing but some bitter taste in your mouth.

After that, you can do one of the following action:

  • Go outside and have some walk. Give $1 to every poor person you meet, say merry Christmas to every time you give the money.  Look at the changes on their face, hear their thanks, enjoy their smile.  How many smile, thanks, and joy you get? How do you feel about it?does smoking brings you a better feeling?
  • Go to the mall and have a look around.  Is there anything your angels would love to have that you can buy with the money? Then buy one.  By the christmas time you can give it to them while saying "merry christmas my beloved angel".
  • Go get something to pleased yourself.  See how much pleasure you can get with all the cigarette you left.
  • Buy your wife or your girlfriend a present worth the money you save.  By the time you say "merry christmas darling", give her a sweet hug and tell her how you get them that present.  See how she react? do you enjoy it?

SO quit smoking will not take some joy out of your life.  In fact, quit smoking will bring more joy in to your life.  Of course christmas is not the only event you can use to help you to quit smoking.  Think of any special moment you’ll have in the future.  Make it a motivation for your quit smoking program.  By the end of your program, count how many smile, thanks, hugs,kisses, and joy you get and remember you could’ve trade them all with ashes whenever you are smoking.


Merry christmas every one!


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