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Posted Jan 02 2010 10:35pm

While many of us try to quit smoking in different ways, more and more measures are introduced for ceasing smoking habits. One of the popular and well known strategies is “cold turkey”. Cold turkey is a well known strategy that helps smokers in ceasing smoking habits all at once! Smoking is obviously an addiction and hence, one can’t leave it suddenly but with the help of Cold turkey method- smokers instantly leave smoking habits. Quit smoking cold turkey is a first attempt method to leave cigarettes forever.

It is really not easy to stop smoking in first attempt because addiction is always crazy that doesn’t allow anyone to get out of it. Cold turkey is a successful method where the smoker takes a vow all at once for saying good-bye to his favorite cigarettes. In this method of cold turkey a person chooses a day from his calendar and notes it down as a ‘quit smoking day’. Finally, a person has his last cigarette on that day and says Bye to his all time favorite cigarettes! It is an amazing technique because it is one’s own decision and I guess it should be appreciated.

Cold turkey method is popularly known as the toughest and challenging strategy for quit smoking measures. Also none can neglect the fact that it is an amazing technique. After accepting the challenge of cold turkey, all harmful chemicals stop reacting in your body instantaneously and the natural changes are observed in just few days. It is to be noted that your will power is essential for experiencing quit smoking cold turkey strategy because without your strong decision and will it is not possible to take such a severe step in your life. Once you adapt and accept cold turkey method for your quit smoking decision be sure that you are on a right track!

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This post was written by Quit Smoking Now on January 2, 2010

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