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Pregnant and Smoking Cigarettes?-Quit Smoking Early On In Pregnancy to Avoid Potentially Harming Your Unborn Baby

Posted May 27 2010 12:00am

The early stages of pregnancy is reported to be by far the most vital for making certain your baby develops the right way. It’s there where several complications could develop and could pose a risk to the life of both the expectant mother and child. It is also in this stage where several pregnancy issues happen. This given, mothers who are within or around this stage should take added caution and all the needed behavior to be sure that she will advance through their pregnancy and deliver a strong baby.

There are a lot of sacrifices which need to be made including quitting old behaviors such as cigarettes. Through the years, many experts have established and confirmed that there is so much danger in early pregnancy smoking .

Amongst the most typical effects of using tobacco in the early stage of being pregnant is the obstruction of the full development of the baby. Sometimes, the harmful toxins found in cigarettes trigger deformities of the baby. In addition to this, the mother is also subjected to many risks including hypertension, cancer and infections. A lot of cases of accidental abortion also result from severe smoking. Because of this, it is just proper that an expectant mother quickly find a way to stop this habit and alternatively involve herself in good activities like exercising on a regular basis.

One can find several methods that a mother can use in order to effectively withdraw from this awful addiction. The fact however is that most of the methods may be harmful or take too much time to work. It is great that a innovative method has been made in order for a mother to be can safely stop smoking without having to cause potential issues to her fetus. This brand new and natural approach that can be utilized by a mother in order to have a quit smoking pregnancy   is Neuro Linguistic Programming or what is widely known as NLP.

Neuro Linguistic Programming functions by eliminating the inner want to smoke. It works to some extent like traditional hypnotherapy but it provides many advantages over it. The first is in its simplicity of use. Unlike hypnotherapy you don’t have to see a therapist to have hypnotherapy given. With NLP all you need to do is listen to an audio recording to get the want to smoke cigarettes stripped away. Yet another is how successful NLP is compared to traditional hypnosis which usually takes several sessions or attempts to “stick.” NLP is quite successful and fast. A lot of people are able to stop smoking after listening to just one single session of an NLP recording.

Coupled along with the fact that NLP is natural with no side effects that may harm you or your baby it really is obvious that NLP is a better way for pregnant ladies to stop smoking. So if you are expecting and wish to stop smoking you should certainly explore Neuro Linguistic Programming as your stopping smoking method to have a quit smoking pregnancy .

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