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Nicotine Dependence – Quit One Day, Smoking Again The Next?

Posted Apr 29 2011 1:21pm

Nicotine dependence is the thing that every quit smoking/stay quit product focuses on as the number one cause of smokers, desperate to quit, falling back into the habit.  However, for not an insubstantial number of quitting smokers – the ones that attempt to quit time after time, just to slip back into the habit a short time later – just fighting these cravings, with such products and Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) aids, is not enough to succeed.

Some just give up trying to improve their health, while others keep trying with no increase in their quitting tools or knowledge.  This repetition of something that has already failed to work is like bashing your head against a brick wall – it achieves very little you just end up with a massive headache!  So if NRT isn’t enough to get you off the cancer sticks for good, you need to go further.  And fortunately, there is much more to discover that will have positive effects on the success of your next quit attempt.

The thing that most quit programs either completely ignore, or at their best only pay lip service to, is thepsychological addictionthat the act of smoking develops in some people.  Just have a quick think about it; besides the cravings, what do you miss when you are not smoking?  Holding the cigarette in your fingers, having something to put in your mouth?  The comfort you gain from the action?  The fact is, if something isn’t done to replace these previously comforting actions with something else, your chances of staying smoking free is greatly reduced.
If that wasn’t enough, there are scientifically verified reactions your brain has to the places in which you used to smoke before you quit.  It’s called the Situational Smoking Effect (SSE).  When this sort of reaction strikes, if you aren’t knowledgeableandprepared, you’re more than likely to find the dreaded cigarette in your hand once again.  Nobody wants that when they work hard to quit, but with the right knowledge and knowhow, these types of pitfalls can be successfully navigated.

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