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Nice trip, happy to be home

Posted Aug 24 2008 10:52pm
It was a good trip. Just had delays getting home, which is frustrating. Had a very easy time getting to San Antonio on Sunday. We had 12 inches on snow on Friday. This ruined my plans for a get together (dinner) with my Sis and her fiance, my Bro and his daughters, my daughters and their significant others and Amber's fiance's daughter. When we drove to the airport on Sunday morning at 5 am, all roads were clear. Even our subdivision! This doesn't even qualify as a secondary road in my opinion.

I flew Southwest to save money. They have improved their queuing, though most of my friends and colleagues still don't like flying with them. I find their Flight attendants and staff to be very friendly and humorous, more so than many of their competitors. On one leg, the safety instructions were written the in the form of poetry! I find that refreshing. A little humour and plenty of pleasantries with Southwest.

The meetings were good. I learned a lot and listened to plenty of clients. Was cool weather and rainy on Sunday night and Monday. It cleared up just in time for dinner. Tuesday was beautiful but cooler than i expected. I spent too long getting home, but that's a fact of life these days. Best to sit back, relax and find some way to let the time pass. I cleaned out my Inbox and Sent items, that chore was well over due.
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