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need your help

Posted by ash_will

hi, I am   a 30 year old women. I had 3 miscarraige.i don’t have children. My doctor adviced me to stop smoking.i tried but I feel I am addict to smoking. I really wish to have a happy life ahead with my family. Pls help me get it.
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 If you are really serious about quitting and also you are planning to have a baby,then first and foremost you will have to make up your mind and put your heart into it.Mostly people do it cold turkey, but if you feel you need help then consult a doctor or even better join a rehab center, where they will be able to help you quit for good.Do not try other options as you might get hooked to other things while trying to quit smoking. 
If you are struglling  to getting back from addiction of smoking then it is the most important things to avoid cigarettes and motivate towards rehab programs. It offers better treatment and environment to quitting your smoking addiction in easy way. I think it is the better option to move towards best rehab centers, where you can get help from experinced doctor's and researcher's to overcome from it. It is very dangerous while smoking in pregnancy. So, get rehab treatment there is no other option to treat well.
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