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My Crown Seven (Crown 7) e-cigarette review

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:38pm

I just received my Crown 7 a few weeks ago (13 days after ordering). While I wasn’t pleased with the time it took to get from Arizona to Washingon D.C., I am overall happy with the purchase.

As this was my first e-cigarette, it took me a few days to figure the thing out. It seems simple: screw together and smoke it like a cigarette — but it was everything but perfect at first. I was getting very little vapor and even decided to put it down for a few days as I was unhappy with the performance.A few days later, I was tinkering with the product and figured that I can create more vapor if I take the white nicotine cartridge inside the mouthpiece out and put it in separately (thus touching the atomizer more than if it was still in the mouthpiece), I got a TON of vapor. This method seems to kick more vapor out for about 4-5 puffs then I just have to repeat the process of pressing the white cartridge against the atomizer again and putting the piece back on.

Overall: there are some design flaws with the product, but being a relatively new item to the market, I can’t complain too much. I am sure I will see much improvement over the coming months and years; or in other brands. Crown Seven shipped via DHL and the shipment hadn’t even been given to a shipping company for 7 days — my main complaint would be the time it took to receive the product.It was mentioned that they reply to ALL e-mails within 3 days: this is a fallacy. I wasn’t happy with their lack of responses to my questions.

Customer service: 1/5 stars

Price: 3.5/5 stars

The eCig’s performance: 3.5/5

Anyone know of any good places to get cheap, but quality e-liquid?

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