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men's nike air max 1 the three

Posted Mar 20 2013 9:36am


These are  men's nike air max 1   the three we introduced you fasting drink Shangwei drinks, in particular, we need to note is that the coffee has a refreshing good efficacy, but expectant mothers in lactation and gestation period must keep a respectful distance, caffeine will not only hurt the body of the pregnant woman, but also will cause harm to the mental development of the baby. According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on January 14, the "pleural" magazine published a new study found that a week to eat junk food three or more children with asthma more severe allergy symptoms, runny nose, and itchy skin .


British St. George's School of Medicine research team found in the 13-14 year-old children in a week, eating hamburgers, French fries and pizza at least three times, a 29% increased risk of severe asthma in children 6-7 years severe asthma incidence increased by 27%. In addition, the fast-food eating too much also increase the risk of severe eczema and rhinitis, such as runny or stuffy nose, itching and more tears, etc.. Calcium: the cornerstone of healthy bones. "The calcium in the human body is mainly present in the bones and teeth, about 99% of the total, the remaining 1% is distributed in the blood cells in the interstitial fluid and soft tissue. Female bone health, calcium plays an important protection," says Sun Meng role. According to the survey, the incidence of osteoporosis in the Shanghai area, men 20.1%, women 48.1%, men over the age of 60 was 24.9%, and 75.7% for women. "This shows that calcium should be a female life nutrition homework. Ordinary women need 800 mg of calcium per day to 1000 mg during pregnancy and lactation." Sun Meng said. , More calcium in their daily food, milk, cheese, eggs, soy, kelp, seaweed, shrimp, sesame seeds, hawthorn, fish and vegetables. Should avoid excessive consumption of calcium-rich foods, food containing phosphate, oxalic acid, protein-rich foods, so as not to affect the absorption of calcium.


Folic acid: pregnancy nutrients. Folic acid is a B vitamin, so called "folic acid" was first extracted from spinach leaves. It is an indispensable material of cell proliferation, but also to promote the secretion of milk is especially important for women pregnant or after childbirth. Sun Meng pointed out that adult women need 400 micrograms  nike air max for sale  a day of folic acid during pregnancy is 600 micrograms, lactation period of 500 micrograms. In addition to pregnant women, the elderly and alcoholics and people taking anticonvulsant drugs, birth control pills also need to add more than ordinary folic acid. The folic acid found primarily in dark green vegetables, such as spinach, broccoli, canola, cabbage and other. Yesterday, the reporter consulted Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM Gynecology Fu Ping, Jiang Ping, the two experts, they agreed that there is a certain correlation between sweets and uterine cancer and analysis from clinical cases.


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