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Making the Switch to Electronic Cigarettes

Posted Mar 08 2011 10:38am

There is more to the electronic cigarette than the first line of advantages. While the absence of tobacco, tar, and smoke makes the biggest headlines, there are other, lesser-known beneficial facts.

What does an electronic cigarette have that makes it quite unbelievably real? Perhaps it’s the attitude that you can’t have your cake and eat it too that makes the product click. With the use of the electronic cigarette, you can enjoy the pleasures of what appears to be a health and lifestyle prohibition without facing the disadvantages of doing so.

Let’s start with the heavy hitters, electronic cigarettes allow the user to closely mimic the act of smoking without the harmful baggage attached to conventional smokes. Holding a cylindrical tube, drawing in breath and giving off a cloud of vapor can be the closest to actual smoking. The option to have a specific amount of nicotine from the device is also made possible through various strength levels.

Together with the freedom to smoke in no smoking zones are other more advantages:

Smile and Say Goodbye to Cigarette Stains

And it’s not merely about the teeth! Although the most obvious target, cigarette stains affect more than just the pearly whites; they also mark a smoker’s fingers and nails. Apart from it, the heavy smoker’s home and its surroundings may also show indications from its walls down to the furniture.

Smell Better, Taste Better

Since there is no tar and tobacco, electronic cigarettes have barely any smell and no residues to leave on the smoker or in his surroundings too. Flavors on the other hand, abound. You can also take your pick from a wide array of choices: fruit, mint, tobacco and even desert flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and the likes.

Aside from all the advantages, making the switch from traditional cigarettes is getting easier. As these products’ availability grows wider, better accessibility means finding the best electronic cigarettes for you may just be a click away.

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