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Lung Detox Explained

Posted Jul 03 2010 7:33pm

Lung detoxification is a process in which an ex-smoker follows a Lung Detox Program to rid their lungs of all the toxins and dangerous chemicals introduced by cigarette smoke.  Some might say 'why is this necessary, my body will do this in time.'  Well this is true, but it can take as long as 10 years.  That's ten more years with these toxins damaging your body.  Do you really want that when, by following a Lung Detox Program you can be free of these toxins in a fraction of the time?  

Some might also think that cigarette smoke isn't that bad.  Don't kid yourself, it is.  There are upwards of 4-THOUSAND chemicals in every cigarette puff, and many of these are damaging, poisonous and downright scary.

The most dangerous chemicals in cigarette smoke

  • Arsenic - a rat poison
  • Ammonia - in toilet cleaner
  • Acetone - in nail polish remover
  • Benzene - a corrosive petrol additive
  • Carbon monoxide - a poison in car exhaust fumes
  • Hydrogen cyanide - a gas chamber poison
  • Nicotine- an insecticide at high doses and highly addictive in cigarettes

All 4000+ of these chemicals get into your body while you smoke, through your lungs.  Some go on into your bloodstream, damaging other parts of your body, but significant quantities stay in your lungs, stuck there in this black muck called Tar, which can also coat your teeth, fingers, clothes and the environment in which you smoke.  If this sticky conglomerate called Tar did not form, you'd be able to clear these chemicals fairly quickly after you stop smoking, but because of Tar, toxic, cancer-causing chemicals can stay in an ex-smoker's lungs for up to TEN years.  And every moment that they stay in there, they have the potential to do more damage.

Start doing something about this... NOW!

Quitting is the first, most obvious step, and is as easy as never picking up a cancer stick again.  It's the staying quit that's the harder part, and proper preparation before your quit day increases your chance of staying quit many times.  A method to control the cravings of the addictive properties of Nicotine is vitally important, however, what is often overlooked is the psychological habit of smoking that also needs to be retrained.  These factors are both effected by the amount of stress you feel in your life, and your self-worth, your general feelings about yourself, and your life in general.  It's quite a lot to think about, and to get right without the right guidance.

So once you are smoking-free, the next step is to get all that nasty tar out of your lungs, and to generally work on repairing that part of the damage done while you smoked that is treatable.  The sooner you get the Tar out of your lungs, the sooner this continuing damage stops, and your health will improve even faster.  This is where a good lung detox program will definitely help.

A good lung detox program uses multiple, complementary treatments such as vitamins, herbs, exercises and other possible treatments in specific ways to help remove tar and toxins from your lungs much faster than they would be if you went on with your normal routine, post smoking.  The best also cover all facets of immune system boosting, stress relief, improving your thinking about being healthy, and motivational techniques to keep you on the path to good health, and to reach your goal of a longer, happier life without cigarettes.

At you can find out more about a well rounded lung detox program.  This product, The Complete Lung Detoxification Guide Series, covers all the bases of quitting, stress reduction, motivation and, of course, a complete Lung Detox program.  It is also supported by new information in blog posts provided when they are discovered.
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