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Long-term Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Posted by Teresa J.

There are many benefits to quitting smoking. Those of us who have know that we don't fall into coughing fits suddenly or carry around a smell that perfume doesn't cover, or wake up and rush to the bathroom to brush our gross tasting mouths (no matter whether we brushed before bed or not) anymore, but what are some long-term benefits?

-less risk of stroke, lung cancer

-risk of bladder, mouth, throat, esophagus, pancreas, and kidney cancers decreases

-decreased risk of ulcers

-after 15 years, risk of death at the level of people who never smoked

Just a few good reasons!

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Of course it's good to quit, but it's really hard! Anyone that was able to quit have advice?

There's no harm in knowing the benefits of quitting. It just might help motivate a quitter to quit! Everyone has different reasons for quitting. However, there are some helpful posts in this community with lots of suggestions/advice/success stories:

Hope that helps!

The number one reason to quit

SMOKING CIGARETTES WILL KILL YOU EVENTUALLY and it does it insidiously. It makes you believe you're enjoying yourself.

why is it so hard to find a smoking sensation meeting in the bronx/ they have N.A. meetings and alot of A.A meeting where are meetings for smokers/


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