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Is raising cigarette taxes enough?

Posted by Kristen D.

There has been talk for months and months of raising taxes on cigarettes, apparently as a way to make people quit. Sounds logical enough, since prices for a lot of things these days (gas, clothing, food) seems to be going through the roof. But I wonder if it's enough. As cigarette's are addicting, if people feel that they need them enough, and continue to have the means to purchase them, it may hardly make a dent in the number of smokers across this country.

I'm wondering what you think it will take to seriously decrease the number of cigarette smokers in the U.S.

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I don't smoke, but I don't think raising the taxes is going to help stop the problem. It's the same as living in California. Everyone complains about the prices, but they really want to live here, so they end up buying a house anyways. People who want to smoke will continue to pay the price. Besides, it's a personal choice and everyone (well mostly everyone) who smokes understands the health risks, but still chooses to smoke. Smokers will stop smoking when they want to. I know quitting is a whole other story, but I'm just breaking it down to the basics. For anyone who does smoke, what would get you to quit?

A great source for spastics and suggestions can be found on:

Having been a smoker just for few years, it may not be easy to quit for some, but if there are any health issues, your doctor will ask if you are a smoker.

. So it is best not to start and quit when you can. To answer your question, taxation will not stop it. No more than the amount people pay for illegal drugs.

I believe that raising taxes wont change a thing it will bring more money to the cigarette make and that about it... I want to quit but if cigarettes were say raised to 10 dollars a pack I think I would still buy them
I'm sure it will help, at least for some people. Though for others, it will just make life harder if they're struggling financially and are addicted to cigarettes. Tough call.
I don't think it will change much. They raised the prices of cigarettes years ago here in Canada and it didn't change anything. People still smoke regardless of the price. They mutter complaints about it but don't make that move to quit. It might help for some but there are always ways to buy "cheap" cigarettes and there have to more serious steps taken to put out this worldwide addiction.
Absolutely not, I would have smoked regardless of the price. Many people will try to quit once the price rises but they probably won't succeed.
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