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I'm wheezing, which ticks me off!

Posted Sep 12 2008 3:57am
Each day I follow almost the same routine. Get up, fix a pot of coffee, drink a cup, take my Advair, and drink about 20 oz of water while eating a banana or apple. About 10-15 minutes before my run/walk or any exercise I take 2 puffs on my fact-acting inhaler.

Same routine for me this morning. It's Sunday and I got a later start than I wanted today, but that's okay. I'm starting to think the shoes I bought aren't right. Either that or I'm doing something different than before. The inside of my knees ache and the insides of my shins are very very tight and hurt. Not like shin splints (it's been 30 years since I experienced those, so who knows if my memory is failing).

I got to the HS track, stretched and warmed up then started. I ran the first full lap. I had to convince myself to do 6 today. The remaining 5 were1/2 run 1/2 walk. I focussed on my inhaling, trying to relax, but it's difficult still. My time was 18 minutes, not wonderful, but it is what it is.

I'd only been home a short while, and started wheezing and coughing up this sputum. Asthma term for clear stuff that builds in your lungs. It's been some time since I've had to deal with this. Maybe it's going to happen for sometime to come. Guess my lungs are cleaning out, day by day. I go to the pulmonary doctor in 2 weeks. Maybe he can provide some insight. I've been trying to record all of my fitness.

After spending an hour or so nursing my shins and relaxing, my wheezing stopped. My quit buddy was online and we chatted a bit. Made the mistake of saying I was going to ride my bike on the open road. She went off on me like my Mom. Thinks I need to go to a bike trail and stay off the road. Like that's gonna happen. gee whiz It would take me 20-30 minutes just to get to one.

Well, I ventured out on the open road around 11, before all of the churches let out. I went past the point I travelled yesterday. Turned onto Whitfield Lane and rode for a bit, til I reached the top of a hill. When I reached the top I looked ahead and saw a nice downhill and around a curve. That usually means another big hill on the other side and at least a nice uphill on the way back. This trip was 3.1 miles round trip. I was thrilled I had no wheezing on this ride. Especially following the run/walk this morning. Think I'll try it again later, it the weather cools back to the 70s before the sun gets too low in the sky.
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