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I'm cranky. It's hot and I'm not smoking.

Posted Jun 08 2008 7:01pm

I’m realllly cranky today. Been sort of bitchy to some, and just grumpy as all hell. Today’s my first day without a cigarette, and while thanks to the Chantix it’s a lot better than I thought, combined with near 100 degree heat and high humidity, I’m just not a happy girl.

The not smoking thing really is going better than I thought it would. I woke up this morning with 7 cigs in a pack staring at me. I dumped old coffee in the box and threw it out. I then (yes, before pouring myself FRESH coffee), went around the house and ceremoniously dumped all the ashtrays. After that, I took all the lighters and matchbooks and tossed them in the “junk” drawer. Then I proudly poured my fresh, hot cuppa joe and sat down at the computer to get some work done.

I’m telling you, I must’ve “reached” for a cigarette at least a dozen (or two) times today.

But the weird thing was, it was more like an “Oh yeah, I’m not smoking anymore,” moment, than it was an “Oh f&@k, I need to go to the store,” moment. Which was kinda cool. I’m now 14 hours (awake) into this… and haven’t broken down yet. I hope it stays this “easy”!

Also went to a wedding yesterday. It was beautiful. The bride was gorgeous, the groom was gorgeous, the bridal party was gorgeous, and the reception was gorgeous. I had to fight the tears here and there, I didn’t want anyone to see me crying. All in all though, a really beautiful day. I’m happy for them, as I love them dearly!

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