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I can't stop right now

Posted by jlw1581

Even though I quit for 21 days I started back because of anxiety and pain.  This was a scary situation for me to be in and when I decided to quit I wondered what I would do when the problems arised.  Now I am back to smoking again, and don't know where to go from here.  Any suggestions from my teammates?
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Please meet with doctor, he can suggest you better medicine and exercise for stop smoking forever. I think you need to find something else to replace the cigarettes.

Whileit might be relatively easy for few people to quit smoking but it becomes a struggle for a few. The biology of addiction and withdrawal and the psychological dynamics of smoking addiction conspire to undermine the smokers' self-confidence, which is a central component of long-term quitting success. The addiction itself destroys smokers' confidence that they can quit, good therapy rebuilds it so they can restore themselves to a smoke-free life.Therefore therapy is one big factor which can help you quit smoking,so go for it and take control of your life.
I believe addiction of any type cannot be left out so simply. But it can be done through strong motivation and efforts. Addiction requires a great deal of effort and willpower. At first you have to motivate yourself to keep going. You can also concern with best experinced doctor's or Rehab centers. They provides you best suggestion on recovery from smoking addiction.
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