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how to stop smoking ?

Posted by sruthydevadas

how to stop smoking for a man who is continously smoking from his 20th age ?

is there any natural methnod to stop his smoking ?

he is now 53.he also has blood sugar.


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 I have smoked for 35 years. I stopped because my daughter stopped and needed a "buddy". I am using the nicotine patch and it's working. It's not "foolproof" but I cleaned out my car and I keep busy all the time (boy is my house clean!) I figure this won't last forever and I take one day at a time. Take the patch off atnight so you don't have bad dreams.

Good luck!

Dear sruthydavadas,

To quit you can try patches, like rene0916 advice you, but patches contains nicotine, I think it's not what you are looking for. No ?

For quitting smoking by a natural way, come and try the Laser Therapy. This way is a drug less and painless way to stop today! The laser helped and still helping smokers to stop smoking, by a simple, easy and fast method, without sensation of lack and with continuous support.

This technique I tried it, 18 years ago, I smoked 60 cigarettes a day, since, no one more. This laser help you to relax, and make you non smoker because it increases the endorphins level, which is created by your body. Nicotine addiction make your body believe it is the cigarette that make you relax. It's not true, and now you can be relax and become a smoke free, without this situation of despair. You won't return to smoke after the laser session.

I could speak to you about this therapy during hours, it is my life now, I developped my own program, but I give you the link of my web site so that you can make you your own idea with explanations and textimonials.My goal it's not to gain more clients, but really help people in despair, as I was when I tried everything to stop, gums, patches, acupuncture... Just have a look on it, I can assure you it's not a waste of time.

If you have questions, just don't hesitate!


I used (actually, I'm still using) e-cigs. I would recommend them to everybody because they have nicotine and none of the other horrible chemicals cigarettes have. They also have e-cigs with 0mg. I'd recomment SmokeTip. Good luck!
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