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High Blood Pressure Treatment

Posted Mar 25 2011 3:47pm

Dealing with hypertension with lifestyle adjustments is the preferred starting point. The reasons being the drugs which are utilized are very strong in most cases have nasty side effects. It is much better to treat hypertension normally.

Stop Smoking The single greatest enhancement you can make for your wellness if you smoke would be to cease. There are many problems that can be enhanced by preventing smoking. Most people are aware that people who smoke have raised danger of cancer of the lung, difficulty in breathing and some other cancer. Not so many people are aware that smoking also increases your danger of heart disease. About 30Percent of cardiovascular disease fatalities in the U.S. could be tracked to smoking cigarettes. Giving up cigarettes could make you healthier and could make you really feel healthier. You may also look better after giving up, your olfaction and taste will enhance – and you’ll cut costs!

Exercise An inactive (also called sedentary) lifestyle is one of the big risk factors for Hypertension. Getting active will benefit far more than just your blood pressure. A regular programme of exercise can help in a number of ways: * It will help you to lose weight and keep it off. * It will help reduce stress and depression * It can improve your sleep and energy levels * Increased fitness is god for your heart, circulation, muscles and bones Getting active does not mean that you have to join an expensive gym. There are many options – such as playing ball with your children. Another good strategy could be to walk a dog twice each day, every day!

If you have been inactive for a while it is important to begin slowly and gradually increase your activity. You should be aiming for 20-30 minutes of vigorous activity 3-4 times per week. Your doctor will be able to offer advice, and if you can join a gym then they will have professional trainers available who can help you develop a programme just for you.

Diet The National Heart, Lung and Blood institute have developed a special diet – the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension). Researchers found that by following this diet blood pressure can be reduced in as little as two weeks. This diet contains lots of fruits, vegetables and grain and grain products – and very little meat, dairy and fats. This diet is low in sodium and high in potassium, and other essential vitamins and minerals.

The Splash diet is also good for people who require losing weight naturally. The most important nutritional alter that you could make is to decrease the amount of salt or salt in your diet. The typical American takes in greater than the suggested upper limit every day.

Especially good foods to beat high blood pressure are: Water, Celery, Don’t forget your asparagus, Cabbage, Grapefruits, Tomato plants, Plums, Kelp, Alfalfa, Let’s eat some onions, Garlic clove, Parsley, Oranges

Foods to avoid: Smoked meats and cheeses, Added salt, Fats, Sugars, Caffeine, Alcohol

You have to carefully browse the nutrition labeling on processed and packed meals as they often are full of added salt and sugar and often include higher levels of fat. You could also be thinking about adding to your diet with Coenzyme Q10.

This article has been written by the author, Alex Blaken. Should you require any more treating hypertension please visit his stop smoking resources!


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