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help quit smoking

Posted by colene r.

any feed back: Iam thinking of going to Alpha life style center of birmingham to quit smoking.

anyone been there? GOOD or BAD Idea?

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any feed back: Iam thinking of going to Alpha life style center of Birmingham to quit smoking! Anyone been there? GOOD or BAD feedback.

Hi Colene!

It's great that you're taking steps to quit smoking. You can do it, and we're here to support you?

I don't live near Birmingham, so I can't offer any feedback. Perhaps you should give them about their offerings to help you quit smoking. If you feel positive about what they can do for you, I suggest giving it a try.

There are some good resources out there. One I came across recently was on a lot of topics related to better living with hypnosis. You can sure give it a try. Here is the link  I also noticed that they are offering a free mp3.

You can help prevent smoking by starting a good motivational activity just like joining recreational groups and enhancing better habit. Also, you should get rid of the "smokers" environment for you to control yourself otherwise, alternatives are also present in this habit if you still want to feel pleasurable such as reduced nicotine and second-hand smoking, but still, you need to keep moderation open. 

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