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Healthy Food Alternatives For Cravings

Posted Aug 25 2008 6:58pm

I thought of this post because one of the biggest excuses for not quitting smoking is “I will gain weight!” I for one do not want to gain weight or loose the progress that I have already made. Besides, I think all of us that are involved with this group are mainly quitting smoking for our health. So, here are a few healthier things that we can put in our mouths other than cigarettes or other tobacco products.

  • ½ cup – Baby Carrots (raw) = 35 calories, fat 0 g, carbs 8 g

  • 1 cup – Celery (raw) = 17 calories, fat 0.2 g, carbs 3.6 g (Celery is actually “negative" calories since it has diuretic properties)

  • 1 cup – Broccoli (raw) = 30 calories, fat 0.3 g, carbs 5.8 g

  • 1 cup – Cauliflower = 25 calories, fat 0.1 g, carbs 5.3 g

  • 1 cup – Sunflower Seeds (with shell) = 262 calories, fat 22.8 g, carbs 8.6 g

I found the calorie counts onCalorie Count Plus, this is a free service and it is my favorite for looking up servings and calorie breakdown information. I useEveryday Healthfor weight, food and glucose tracking (it is also free, I love free stuff). I have found that, Calorie Count Plus is easier to look up food values. In either service you can put in your own recipes and find out what you are really eating, sometimes this can be scary so beware. You can also find more information onKicking The Smoking Habitthat I posted on my blog.

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