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Fruits and Vegetables... A Smoker's Best Friend!

Posted Jun 02 2008 6:04pm
Public smoking bans are appearing in more establishments across the US on a daily basis. The right to endanger your own lungs publicly is dwindling. One of the main pushing forces of this movement is fear.

The media (with EPA disinformation) does a fairly good job at convincing the public that second hand smoke causes . This instills fear into the non-smokers at the local watering hole as people light up one after another to satisfy their nicotine addiction. This fear leads to massive movement and demand for public policy which in turn has led to this ban on smoking.

Wait a minute. This is a blog about and internally. Why does it sound like I am defending smoking as being acceptable?

No, I have not totally lost my mind. I have never been a smoker (thankfully) but I have watched many people become quite sick due to it and have watched some die from it. This article is in no way a pro-smoking publication. Stick with me to the end and you will see the connection.

I have recently read an article listed with the BNET Research Center called EPA caught red-handed on passive smoking. This article tells about how the EPA "had knowingly, willfully, and aggressively disseminated false information".

This article is further supported by the recent death of Dana Reeve, the late Christopher Reeve's wife. She passed away due to lung . She has never smoked and has never been exposed to significant second hand smoke. This leaves the question "what else, other than smoking, causes lung ?" This is one question that has the American Cancer society scrambling for answers but begs for more valid research to be done than simply claiming all lung is caused by smoking.

The BNET article also mentioned a website called The Fraser Institute. No, this has nothing to do with Kelsey Grammer. I went to this site and began reading some of the publication samples they have listed under the publications menu. I came across a book called The Misconceptions About the Causes of Cancer (Click the title to visit the link).

In this book (under the misconception 2 link) it states:
"Instead, other environmental factors have been identified in epidemiological studies that are likely to have a major effect on lowering rates: reduction of smoking, improving diet (e.g. increased consumption of ), hormonal factors (some of which are diet-related), and control of infections."

It's right there in front of you, let it sink in for a minute. An increased consumption of is likely to lower cancer rates. That's a powerful statement. How many of you eat on a daily basis? How many of you actually get the daily recommended doses of 5 to 9 servings of ? From reading this blog, you should know by now that the best source of comes from .

This book further goes into detail on each of the topics listed in the quote above. Under the smoking subtitle, the book says that "The oxidants in cigarette smoke, mainly nitrogen oxides, deplete the body's . Thus, smokers need to ingest more vitamin C than non-smokers to achieve the same level in blood but they tend not to do so." It continues to say "A recent Danish study indicated that smokers consumed fewer than nonsmokers. Additionally, people who take supplements of vitamins and minerals are less likely to be smokers".

If you are a smoker, I support your right to continue smoking if you want to. At the same time, I fully encourage you to stop for the sake of your own health. I also understand it is quite difficult for people to stop smoking. This book at least brings to light that smoking depletes your body of and that you most certainly need to do something about replacing them.

It doesn't matter if you are a smoker or not. I will continue to encourage each of you to eat on a daily basis, that is why I rely on to give me the daily nutrition that I need.

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