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From Howdy Doody to Erectile Dysfunction

Posted Aug 17 2009 10:39pm

I enjoy watching “some” television but I’m increasingly disillusioned with the advertising and the programing of most channels. No doubt I should remind you that I’m 54 years old and started out young with no television in the house and black and white picture when we finally did get TV, and the few times a week that we were given permission to watch television instead of playing outside or doing chores we watched the likes of Howdy Doody, Red Skelton, and Wagon Train. Adults had begun watching Peyton Place and Soap Operas. My mother didn’t allow us to watch either, she said the story line was for adults only (of course this kind of attitude drove teenagers to have to see what they were missing).

How did we move to Sex In The City, Taxi Cab Confessions, commercials about erectile dysfunction, menstrual periods, birth control, cursing, adults half or fully undressed, or dressed so seductively and suggestively?

I'm not a prude and I've been known to be able to take any topic and turn it into something sexual (I grew up with 5 brothers and their friends), but most of the time I talk this way with girlfriends or my husband not in a public forum and certainly not around small children.

Is all this in your face sexual content really ncessary? Is everything in the end about the almighty buck?
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