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Electronic Cigarettes

Posted by imaginationx

Hello all,

Has anyone had any experience with electronic cigarettes? I've seen a few, and they look like they may actually work. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Hi Titus

i had alot of succes with e-cigarettes. Ive been smoking mine now for about 6 months, and never could get past 3 days before. I am very happy with it, and with the company that sold it to me.

I would highly recommend this as a way to quit. Just my 2cents.

I started using e-cigs last week and I have not enjoyed a real cigarette since. The day after I began my e-cigs, I decided to try a regular cig just for the heck of it. It was SO GROSS! I now consider myself to be a quitter!

I am using SmokeTip (best company EVER) and I recommend them to everyone I know who smokes!

It works amazing in smoking companies. You don't feel like an odd man out.
When I am smoking electronic cigarettes, I am getting all of the nicotine that my body demands. Smoking electronic cigarettes does not involve any tobacco burning and there is no tar being inhaled into lungs.
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