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Electronic Cigarette Advantages Lead To Fast Growing Sales For The Tobacco Replacement

Posted Mar 20 2011 9:11am

Vapor volume and refill solutions are big topics of conversation in online forums devoted to electronic cigarette benefits and to e-cigarette disadvantages. Discussions continue in coffee shops and workplaces with e-smokers sharing personal experience and recommending their favorite brands.

When the conversation is with a tobacco user, e-smokers focus on the pros of using electronic cigarettes as a substitute for harmful tobacco. Most smokers who now use e-cigarettes learned about the products from other ex-tobacco users. The professional images and ads on websites offering e-cigarettes are compelling but there is nothing like information from a real person who has tried this new product.

Health benefits are obvious and there is presently no evidence suggesting long term nicotine use causes harm. It is not difficult to convince a tobacco user of the health benefits of e-smoking compared to the health risks of tobacco use. Though studies continue on the safety of nicotine previous studies have not highlighted nicotine as one of the dangers of tobacco smoke.

It doesn’t take much imagination to realize the simple vapor mist produced by the best e-cigarette is by far better for the smoker than the toxins in cigarette smoke. Although tobacco companies have tried to spread myths about dangers of e-cigarette ingredients the claims made are ludicrous.

Tobacco smoke contain hundreds of additives that result in more than 4000 chemical and carcinogens found in the smoke of burning tobacco. Chemical particles are breathed into the body of the smoker and tars coating the throat leave the tiny cilia in the smoker’s throat unable to remove mucous as they are designed to do. The result of tar buildup in the lungs combined with carcinogens breathed in lead to serious illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and more.

There are no tars or toxins in the vapor of an electronic cigarette. The e-cigarette benefits are clear when considering the health risks posed by tobacco products. E-cigarettes contain only about 20 ingredients and all have been tested for safety. The propylene glycol used to produce vapor has been listed as safe for human consumption since 1942.

Two main points seems to be of the great interest to new e-smokers. The health benefits are not hard for people to grasp but smokers want to know if the best e-cigarette provides a satisfying smoking experience. That is the question most asked by smokers when they are talking to an e-cigarette user.

Ease of use and taste are the next question asked. If the vapor produced has an unpleasant taste the tobacco user will not enjoy the product. If there are multiple small parts to be taken apart and put back together a smoker may think the electronic option to tobacco is simply too much bother.

Choosing a top brand of e-cigarette such as Green Smoke will allow a smoker to experience the e-cigarette benefits of vapor volume, flavor and ease of use. At the same time, the new e-smoker can avoid e-cigarette disadvantages found in cheap brands where maintenance, off taste and thin vapor do not produce a satisfying smoking experience.

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