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Effective and Successful Quit Smoking Methods Of 2010

Posted Jan 15 2010 12:00am

Smoking is as good as killing someone with their own will and wish. Smoking is one of the harmful habits that have destroyed many lives on the earth. Reports of World Health Organization 2009 stated that 5.4 millions of people have died in 2009 because of smoking habits. Smoking nicotine is responsible for the death of 5.4 million people on this earth. Looking at these reports any smoker can get his life expectancy rate. From many years different companies are manufacturing various devices and pills for quit smoking methods. Out of them all very few have captured the market in a well manner.

Here is the list of most effective quit smoking methods in 2010:

Quit smoking cold turkey method is one of the most effective methods for quit smoking aids. This method includes nothing except your wish and desire to leave cigarettes. Quit smoking cold turkey method helps the smokers to leave cigarettes by deciding a day in the calendar as their quit smoking day.

Another method that is going to be famous in 2010 as quit smoking device is, “E-cigarettes”. With the introduction of Electronic cigarettes many traditional cigarettes market have shattered down. These cigarettes run from weeks to months as per the battery capacity and it is also one of the best ways for avoiding traditional cigarettes that neither disturbs your smoking urge nor harms your body in any ways.

Apart from electronic cigarettes and quit smoking cold turkey method, following methods are also going to use effectively as quit smoking techniques in 2010. Quit smoking pills and medicines like Champix and Chantix are also used widely for minimizing the smoking urge. Quit smoking today programs CD and Cassettes are also in good demand for relieving the smoking urge. Thus, all these programs and devices are specially manufactured and introduced as quit smoking methods.

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