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E Cigarettes Beat the Tobacco Tax For Huge Savings

Posted Jun 15 2010 2:36pm

Are you actually disgusted with yourself about the sum of money you spend on tobacco cigarettes? If you are, you are certainly not alone. Plenty of other tobacco users are too and some of them have done something about it by switching to a digital cigarette. Some tobacco users might not have been that interested in trying the items until they learned that it is able to deliver real nicotine satisfaction for about half the price of smoking tobacco. Nearly all of them went ahead and tried the product even supposing they were skeptical initially. It was only after really giving the electronic cigarette a chance did they learn that all the hype is pretty accurate.

Ordering an e cigarette starter kit is made very simple using an on line distributor. Choose a respectable e electronic cigarette company and and look around their products. Most good quality internet sites will have a telephone number you can likewise call to get any questions answered that you may have. Since many smokers that want to make an order have never tried the device before, they are likely to want to ask some questions to a real live person. Talking to a live person can be be extremely useful when deciding which trade name of electric cigarette will be the greatest for you. You can be informed before you place your first order about what other accessories and supplies you might want to proceed and become right then.

A good Njoy e cigarette starter kit will normally start around $70.00 or so. You can spend more if you choose a kit that accompanies extra parts that you might need later. A box of e cigarette nicotine filters usually cost around $10..00 to $12.00 reckoning on the brand. What you have to consider is that one nicotine filter might cost about $2.00 or so, but it is almost like an entire pack of tobacco cigarettes and will likely last the regular user all day long! Compare $2.00 for a days worth of nicotine to about $5.00 for tobacco cigarettes and there are your savings. What is even better is if you order a bottle of e liquid, which is the nicotine solution that fills the nicotine filters, and you will be saving even additional money than that.

If you genuinely wish to start putting money by promptly, why put off trying this ingenious product? So many tobacco users have already picked out a better way to get their nicotine and are completely satisfied that they are saving money in the process. You can usually get your e cigarette starter kit transported to your house within a few days and if you would like to have it even faster, many e cigarette sites provide overnight presentation!

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