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Double Digit Day - 10

Posted Dec 12 2008 7:09pm

I have to admit that the cravings are less intense now, yes they still come but I am also fully aware that they will leave. I find that I don't even think about a cigarette when I get myself involved in something.
One of the things that are keeping me quit is the number of cigarettes I've smoked - more than a quarter of a million of those killing sticks. I'm actually ashamed I was so stupid for so long, that I let a stick control me instead of me controlling it.
I'm definitely learning something about myself.
I feel a little better physically everyday that I don't smoke, I definitely look better too.

I want to remember telling those of you posting comments - I really appreciate your support and encouragement, thank you.

My pledge and acknowledgment:
I am an addict, I will always be one cigarette away from a pack a day habit.
I will not smoke, not today.

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