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Dealing With Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

Posted Mar 15 2011 8:41am

If you’ve smoked for a long time quitting can be difficult because of the nicotine withdrawal symptoms . Despite this the long term health benefits of quitting are well documented. You can live longer, have healthier lungs and a healthier heart if you ditch cigarettes altogether. It can take a lot of willpower, though and it isn’t easy.

Our culture has accepted smoking for generations. As we’ve begun to understand just how damaging it is for our health more of us are searching for ways to help us give up. The ways suggested involve things like chewing gums with nicotine and patches. You can even get replica cigarettes to replace the experience. Over time these will have to be ditched and that’s when things can get difficult.

The two weeks immediately after you’ve stopped can often be the hardest. There is a period of twelve weeks that it takes an ex smoker to feel calmer and more at ease with not smoking. A chemical dependency involving nicotine has been built up over a long time period and means your body expects a certain level at all times. If it’s not there your body can cause you difficulties.

Symptoms of withdrawal can be physical and mental. You can become physically irritable when you stop an this often leads people back to smoking. Other people can be overcome by the psychological aspect. They can;t get used to not having one in their hand. Stress balls and elastic bands can be used to make sure your hands are occupied so you don’t feel that unconscious need to reach for a cigarette.

Sweating, headaches and nausea are some of the many physical symptoms you can expect while quitting. There will also be a lot of excess phlegm for you to cough up. These symptoms can often make you think you’ve developed some sort of illness when in fact they are the byproduct of giving up a dangerous and costly habit. These physical reactions to nicotine withdrawal fade over time.

You can start to get anxious and depressed when you become an ex smoker. This is caused by drastic alterations in your body. In addition you will have the problem of your hands needing to be occupied and potentially pressures socially involving smoker friends or colleagues from work. Trying to end the habit for good can be made more of a challenge because of these barriers.

If you’re thinking of quitting it will help you to read about the symptoms so that you are mentally prepared. This will also help you to discuss it with those closest to you so they can offer you the support you need

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