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Can you take all 160 pieces of gum and put it in something else more convenient?

Posted by flossy082264

I would like to take all the gum out of the packs that they were bought in because sometimes at work I just need to grab a piece not fight with that plastic?

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No, do not do that. What you are actually trying to do is equivalent to an addiction. You will have to accept that this urge to eat all the gums at one time or not been able to stop yourself at one or may be two gums,is also a kind of addiction. Try and keep yourself or rather your mind occupied with other useful things other than reaching for that gum. Though you might be thinking that what can happen because of a gum,or how can it have an adverse effect on your health. Then I hope that you are aware that with injesting so much of gum you are also taking in that  much of sugar along with it which might not be good for your system.So take care.
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