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Can You Quit Smoking When Your Spouse Smokes?

Posted Aug 25 2008 6:58pm

My husband smokes too and is rather uninterested in quitting. He thinks that there is no way for us to quit at the same time because it would cause us both to be in horrible moods. He wants me to go first. Gee, thanks!

He claims that once I have quit for several months, then he will quit too. There really is no point in trying to convince him to quit with me sooner rather than later. No one can successfully quit smoking unless they actually want to quit.

The fact that he smokes too has led to my undoing in previous quit attempts. I can't blame him as I must take full responsibility for myself. However, it certainly made the situation much more difficult. Here are some reasons why:

  • I could smell cigarettes on him and it made me crave them
  • It started to make me mad. If he CAN smoke, why CAN'T I??? Why does he get a reward and I am being deprived? (that is the way a brain enduring withdrawal starts to think).
  • I knew his pack of cigarettes were somewhere! He tried to hide them but it drove me nuts knowing they were somewhere very close by.
  • After dinner was the worst. He would go outside to smoke after dinner and I couldn't join him. Jerk!
  • Back to the fact that I knew his cigarettes were somewhere. I was able to resist the urge to hop in my truck and go to the closest gas station to buy a pack. BUT, I knew they were somewhere in my house...... AH HA, I found them!!! Puff...... puff.....

How about you? Have you ever successfully quit or at least tried to quit and have a spouse that still smoked? Any helpful tips that you can share with us?

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