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Accurate South Beach Smoke Review From A Long Time Smoker

Posted Mar 04 2011 8:35am

The smokeless cigarette is a battery operated, rechargeable device that does not contain tobacco. Therefore, the e cig does not need to be lit. It produces a vapor that is tar-free, and has a better taste than a traditional cigarette according to users. An extensive South Beach Smoke review from a long time smoker states that the quality is very high, and the liquid has a good flavor with varying levels of nicotine. The smoke juice is very smooth, and inhaling is easy. The fact that it eliminates the smell of cigarettes on one’s person is a plus. South Beach Smoke also offers a great Home Delivery Program which allows customers to receive refills automatically at their convenience.

The unit consists of a battery, cartridge, and a heating element. The cartridge is in the mouthpiece, and contains the flavor as well as the nicotine. The heating element in the device heats up upon inhalation which causes the nicotine solution to vaporize. The tip of the electronic cigarette contains an LED for a realistic smoking experience.

E-cigarettes eliminate littering the environment with unsightly cigarette butts. The electric device is considered to be green as well as environmentally friendly. This device will not stain your teeth or nails. It satisfies the craving for a smoke, and provides the physical satisfaction that comes from smoking. The vapor from the unit dissipates quickly so there is no odor, and there is no ash to dispose. This chemical free alternative does not contain tobacco. Refill cartridges are also less expensive than purchasing a pack of traditional cigarettes. South Beach Smoke offers a convenient Home Delivery Program. This optional program allows smokers who purchase a starter kit the option of enrolling in the automatic delivery of refills. Smokers can have refills delivered as frequently as they wish. Members also receive discounts throughout the year.

The e-cig is very similar to traditional cigarettes, and people who have a 1 to 2 pack a day habit have reported switching over has been effortless. With over 4,000 chemicals in tobacco, 40 of which are known carcinogens, they are a better alternative. The elimination of tar decreases the risk of lung diseases as well as bone density loss.

The e-cig is a good alternative at establishments that prohibit smoking. Smokers should check with the proprietor first to ensure they are permitted as sometimes the look of a cigarette alone is not appropriate. Electronic cigarettes are not intended to aid in helping one to stop smoking, but they deliver less nicotine at a slower absorption rate.

South Beach Smoke’s electronic cigarette comes in a variety of flavors including vanilla, chocolate, and an assortment of fruits. However, this does not mean they are meant for the younger market or children. They can be enjoyed just about anywhere smoking is not allowed such as on some airplanes. Comparatively, each cartridge is equal to a pack to a pack and a half of traditional cigarettes.

The mess of smoking is eliminated with these electronic devices. They do not pose harm to the health of those around you since they emit a smokeless vapor. South Beach Smoke costs nearly half the amount of a pack of traditional cigarettes, and their Home Delivery Program allows a smoker to save even more throughout the year.

An extensive South Beach Smoke review from a long time smoker feels they are one of the best electronic cigarettes on the market. They eliminate second-hand smoke while providing a chemical free alternative to traditional tobacco. South Beach Smoke offers a high quality e-cig that also tastes great.

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