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A Trigger-Filled Day

Posted Aug 25 2008 6:24pm

I felt like crap this morning until I got myself a substantial breakfast. That seemed to do the trick... My cough has grown steadier. It all might be a ruse though, if I'm coming down with a cold...

I headed down to Dan's and got a brew done. But the important thing is that I let myself have a few beers throughout the day. I faced down my cravings and they weren't all that bad, looking back. A couple times, around noon and two, a couple intense, but short-lived craves hit me. Fortunately, the brew kept me busy enough and I didn't have a chance to get into one of those fixated, panicky craves for a smoke. There were also several long stretches where I didn't even think about smoking, which was a pleasant surprise!

When I got home this afternoon, I was beginning to feel a bit like I did this morning. Right now, I have a slight headache and a bit of nausea. I'm also feeling achy. It's like my muscles and joints are being flushed out. The last two nights, I have felt feverish and shivery. I didn't feel cold all day, but right now, inside I'm wearing a hat, gloves, and a fleece sweatshirt...and I'm still cold. Lastly, I'm backed up...again...since Thursday! Blech... I've tried greasing the works with some Taco Bell, and there was the BK coming back from Portland. So far nothing, though.

And that brings me to my last trigger. I made myself a cup of coffee about an hour ago. Coffee was always a sure-fire laxative. I'm not worried though. From what I've read, it can take a couple weeks for your system to regulate itself.

I'll definitely be hitting the hay early tonight. Every time I push myself, it exacts a necessary, but big mental toll. As I type, I feel myself getting increasingly tired...and it's not even 8:00. After 8:00, I'll be onto DAY SEVEN!!! Wow! I'm pretty proud of myself that I've made it this far!

My stats, thus far: 120 cigarettes not smoked, $38.00 saved!

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