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3 Months and Counting

Posted Sep 11 2009 2:11pm
Well here we are, 3 months now as a non-smoker and still counting. I think it is important to keep track of how you are doing when you undertake something as life changing as stopping smoking. Some would argue that focusing on your progress makes it harder as you are thinking about smoking all the time as you measure how you are doing. I disagree, I would encourage anyone quitting smoking to think about it, but think about it in the right way. It is all a question of attitude, as is quitting in the first place. If you think about smoking in a way that you feel you are missing something, then chances are you will start again someday. If you think about smoking as something you needed out of your life, like a bad relationship, for example, then there is no harm in focusing on it. It makes you more determined to never let it back into your life, just like that person who may have hurt you.

If you have quit, keep going, keep counting, every day you don't smoke is a success and should be celebrated. If you are thinking of quitting, go for it, it will be one of the best decisions you have ever made. Also keep looking back here I am about to release a new report titled "10 things to do before you quit smoking". This will be a free download, I am currently putting the finishing touches to it.

To your success as a non-smoker!!!

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