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13 Questions

Posted Dec 12 2008 7:08pm


1. Do you fart in front of your husband/boyfriend/significant other?
I sure do and funny thing is I'm not ashamed. Guess this is what being married 31+ years will do.

2. Do you snore?
I don't but his snoring is loud enough to wake the dead.

3. Do you drive with a lead foot?
Are you trying to say there's another way to drive?

4. Are you a breakfast eater?
I was growing up and then I wasn't as a young adult and now as a senior, yes, definitely.

5. Do you prefer a bath or shower?
I like both, showers if I'm dirty, sweaty, but baths when I want to unwind and relax.

6. Scents - what scent relaxes you and what scent invigorates you?
Lavender and musky scents relax me, and citrus scents invigorate me.

7. Do you love the sex or the foreplay?
I'm a lover of both, I need both.

8. Do you color your hair?
I started about 4 years ago and colored it occassionally but now I'm probably 85% gray and I need to color every 3-4 weeks.

9. Are you a morning or night person?
I'm a night person, the world is quiet, the phone doesn't ring, there is nothing that "has" to be done.

10. If you could be another living creature, what creature would that be?
I'd be a butterfly, their color, grace, they float through the air and feed on nectar.

11. If you could live anywhere, where would that be?
In an oasis in the desert.

12. What car do you drive?
1996 Infinite I-30

13. Do you like talking on the telephone?

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