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Why Do They Call It A Marathon - Questions & Answers

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... making up my own training programs.  These were always adaptations of what was done previously and these were all based on theAdvanced running schedule from th ... more
Aug 06 2008 9:11am
Kevin, Unless you run the tangents in the course, you will run farther than the certi ... more
Nov 26 2008 2:49pm
I am doing my second sprint triathlon in a few wee ... more
Sep 11 2008 8:47am
"If we've got them in town we'll work 'til the sun goes down." That's not a verse from Old Man River. It's a real quote from the ma ... more
Aug 14 2008 10:21am
... sure if you're ready to run a marathon yet, don't push yourself into signing up for one. ... more
Mar 01 2012 8:36pm
When your white blood cell count is low; this is a sign of increased lupus disease activit ... more
Jun 20 2011 4:00am
... ok four years to complete and cost the government in the ballpark of 25 million dollars. The sausage making that went into thecreation of this monstrosityof a ... more
Jun 16 2008 6:11pm
The body sometimes goes into extreme shock during times of severe trauma, causing temporar ... more
Jul 20 2011 3:06pm
“Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.” -Alan K ... more
Jul 22 2008 8:07pm