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When Was Postpartum Depression Discovered - Questions & Answers

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I offer Online Counseling via Skype. I think this is a very effective option for many pe ... more
Jun 14 2011 2:57pm
... ome of us with a physiological basis for the depression, it is unavoidable.  However, as y ... more
Dec 01 2008 8:45am
... m who asked that question is moving on from postpartum depression. For all of those p ... more
Mar 24 2010 1:20am
You could be experiencing depression related to the hormone changes in ... more
Nov 18 2009 9:13am
... y doesn't understand its purpose. I believe that we can all agree that when something works to bring a PPD/PPP sufferer back from the abyss, we should ... more
Aug 12 2008 4:21pm
... keep me on adderall {another addictive drug} when oxycotin helps me more.I can concentrate ... more
Jan 29 2010 12:26pm
... bing do sound like you could be experiencing depression. I have suffered from depression f ... more
May 07 2011 2:10pm
I appreiciate your inclination towards seeing a therapist, but you can do things that can ... more
Jan 31 2014 5:15am
... works about as well as a placebo in treating depression. BUT it IS an effective depression ... more
Nov 17 2008 1:27pm