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Vegetarianism Pros And Cons - Questions & Answers

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... are very high in calories, and a serving is considered like 12 almonds. Hope this helps ... more
Feb 23 2011 5:56pm
Providing an answer does not give you an opportunity to vent or push any information.  Thi ... more
Dec 14 2009 4:07pm
it take 15 to 20 pounds of grains to produce one pound of  meat. The grains and soyabeans ... more
Jun 11 2009 3:52am
Make sure you are getting enough iron.  Also, vegetarians can have problems absorbing ir ... more
Apr 29 2010 2:42pm
So cool!  Just last night, I made this!  I didnt use tahini in it though cause i dont like ... more
May 02 2009 12:10pm
More and more restaurants are creating dishes that accommodate to those with Celiac Dise ... more
Jul 07 2011 6:49pm
Go to This is a link to raw vegan restaurants in Ame ... more
Jan 18 2009 7:02pm
... nd this ignorant excuse to justify the human consumption of flesh. Let me see you run down ... more
Dec 23 2009 12:42pm
The term "semi-vegetarian" is often used to describe someone who avoids eating some kind ... more
Jan 26 2010 3:06pm
... metimes processed with bone char, which many consider to make it no longer a vegetarian pr ... more
Aug 30 2009 9:00am