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The Beginning Of Obesity - Questions & Answers

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... ause they still haven’t addressed the main issues (diet and exercise). It’s the beginning of the end of personal responsibility in health. Further Reading: ... more
Jul 08 2008 9:00am
... e facing major health complication like diabetes or obesity, a fast and furious beginning can reap major health benefits quickly. (And for some, it’s like the b ... more
Jul 02 2008 10:00am
I also am one that thinks that because of their differences in metabolism and makeup that ... more
Dec 15 2010 2:19pm
I find for me the first step was admitting that I needed to make a change and get health ... more
Jan 18 2011 3:23am
Good advice.  I would add to understand your latent (hidden) as well as manifest (known) ... more
Oct 06 2009 9:19am
... y, this is just a very tiny step in the United States solution to the childhood obesity problem. Read the Original Bloomberg Story A better idea would be ... more
Jul 07 2008 7:02pm
... tensity jog or fast walk for 30 seconds. Repeat 4-10 times. Even if you're just beginning, you can do your own version of burst training. Start with what's comf ... more
Aug 12 2008 3:09am
... or just ask anyone in the field. It has been an elephant in the room since the beginning of any awareness of heptitis c. This epidemic is multifaceted, risk-wi ... more
Jun 18 2008 7:09pm
I know the problems we are facing seem overwhelming sometimes but every effort that each o ... more
Aug 22 2008 8:10am
... that neighborhoods with the least access to fresh produce have greater rates of obesity, which in turn increases the likelihood of chronic disease, including ty ... more
Apr 27 2008 10:00am