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Social Phobia Social Anxiety - Questions & Answers

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I'm naturally shy socially (like, meeting new people etc), but ... more
Oct 22 2009 8:40am
Excellent post. It was always difficult for me to accept compliments until I learned that ... more
May 23 2011 11:05am
"NO"  is a boundary word.  Psychologically healthy people have good emotional and physic ... more
Dec 08 2010 4:50pm
... I would like to venture a guess... it isn't social phobia but severe tactile defensivenes ... more
Sep 15 2010 8:55am
[Photo courtesy ofIngorrr] One of (the many) problems with social anxiety disorder is that can affect your motivation to get out there and ... more
Jun 26 2008 10:09am
The best treatment for Social Anxiety Disorder is often not medicati ... more
Ian Health Maven
Oct 20 2011 12:40am
... ncing these symptoms in crowded places or in social settings, is the tendency to isolate, ... more
Jul 02 2009 11:07am
Is there any way of knowing how these therapies work? You can find information on CB ... more
Ian Health Maven
Aug 29 2010 6:43pm
... at is known to be related to maternal behaviour and bonding, also is modulating social trust. So the brain link is obvious. But what happens in the brain when o ... more
Jul 07 2008 7:14pm