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this is not a mental's a light obsession, I'd say. It's easily treated by ps ... more
Feb 12 2010 8:33am
... like the most? Also,Can you write a haiku describing anything crossing your mind now?Remember the simple rules: write 3 lines,which don't need to rhyme, con ... more
Jul 29 2008 9:31am
Couple really good books on 'states':  'The Tao of Equus' and 'Riding between the worlds' more
May 03 2010 10:05am
Peace of mind is something everyone seeks and few ever ... more
Dec 10 2008 1:02am
I'm interested in mind/body because it's all connected.  I agre ... more
Aug 07 2009 2:04am
Interesting article...though as one commenter pointed out, you do not have a 50/50 chance ... more
Feb 17 2008 12:58pm
Oct 13 2009 5:06am
www. ... more
Jul 21 2011 8:31pm
it is better to get that nodule removed as there are chances of conversion of that nodule ... more
Dec 25 2009 8:27pm