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Practice Random Acts Of Kindness - Questions & Answers

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Some dogs may assume a more submissive posture when they're experiencing discomfort. In ... more
Nov 03 2009 5:37am
Sorry - the link didn't come up - this is the page information which explains things fur ... more
May 23 2011 4:14pm
May is National Stroke Awareness Month we can agree. Right? Especially this month I’ve found all public agencies seem to be trying to get their o ... more
Aug 23 2008 3:20pm
Well this is really something that you need to see a professional for because it's very di ... more
Sep 22 2011 5:50pm
Great post Sheryl. I am a big believer in faking it to make it. If people can visualiz ... more
Jun 02 2008 11:43am
"ACT has also shown promise in treating addiction. In one study, drug addicts reported less drug use with ACT than with a 12-step program. And ACT worked better ... more
Jul 02 2008 8:09pm
It sounds to me that it could be some form of false pregnancy. Used to meet a dog in a par ... more
Jan 20 2010 12:31am
I'd definitely have your pup examined by your veterinarian first to rule out the possibi ... more
Feb 19 2011 9:14am
Dear Dustin, I'd suggest you start keeping a journal or log of the behaviors and inci ... more
Jan 04 2009 9:32am