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Possible Contributing Factors Risk Factors Associated With Obesity - Questions & Answers

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... ody size can be misleading and that even "less voluptuous" people can have risk factors commonly associated with obesity, said study author MaryFran Sowers , a ... more
Aug 13 2008 6:13am
... revention?  A. Lok, et al. found primary care poviders did not identify risk factors or order tests quite a number of years ago. HCOP has  been talking about ... more
Jun 18 2008 7:09pm
... study compared 5,400 people and took into consideration their actual weight and possible risk of cardiovascular disease, and it was found being metabolically he ... more
Aug 23 2008 3:04pm
This is very interesting. I have been type 1 diabetic for 20 years and I do notice changes ... more
Jan 13 2009 5:45am
... istance and adiposity in childhood. Apart from genetic and modern day lifestyle factors, the intrauterine environment may also influence the risk of Type 2 diab ... more
Aug 23 2008 3:10pm
... ave shown soy's beneficial effects on cholesterol and other cardiovascular risk factors. However, there is no reason not to expect the same results from beans o ... more
Jul 26 2008 10:16am
... months of dietary advice led to significant reductions in many diabetes related factors, such as insulin resistance, fasting C-peptide, fasting proinsulin, fast ... more
Jul 21 2008 10:20am
Various things that can affect hdl ldl levels. 1-    Weight 2-    Physical activity ... more
Dec 03 2009 5:42am