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Perimenopause Periods - Questions & Answers

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I'm 50 and I at the 3rd month of skiping menstruations , I'm thinking I'm pregant, I had 5 ... more
Feb 02 2012 12:31am
... my period every 2 weeks in the beginning of perimenopause. It lasted most of a year and a ... more
Mar 21 2011 9:34pm
Dear laney, It very well might be - perimenopause can show up as skipped periods, ... more
Aug 14 2009 4:01pm
Hi, I had a similar issue a few months ago.  I'm also 46 - I had polyps which were re ... more
Feb 04 2010 7:42am
... buffy64, What you describe can be normal perimenopause - some women skip periods and s ... more
Mar 07 2010 11:55am
Dear Igualteca, Certainly, in perimenopause, there can be skipped periods, ... more
Feb 03 2010 4:01pm
... e symptoms you have can certainly be part of perimenopause, it is hard to know for sure un ... more
Sep 10 2010 1:17pm
Sep 21 2008 11:59am
... mal.  Heavy and/or prolonged bleeding during perimenopause can be a normal variant.  I had ... more
Oct 11 2008 11:57am
Jun 22 2009 12:20pm
I just had that endometrial biopsy done today.  The Dr. said my Cervix was very tight.  ... more
Feb 24 2011 8:00pm