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List Of Carbs - Questions & Answers

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Rather than thinking so much about cutting carbs, think about eliminating foods that hav ... more
Mar 02 2009 4:12am
Why are you avoiding carbs? If you do then your brain will stop ma ... more
Feb 17 2009 10:34am
You should be cutting out only calories to lose weight. If you cut out carbohydrates ,th ... more
Jul 20 2009 7:43am
It's like anything else, once you put a face to your problem then you can identify what it ... more
Dec 17 2009 12:48pm
Low Carb Diets A diet low in carbohydrates, also known as the ‘Atkin diet’ (from one of its main proponents, Dr. Robert Atkins), was a very popular diet ... more
Aug 14 2008 10:20am
You are bombarded with mixed messages about carbs, and if you're like most people, you're a little confused. Are carbs good, ... more
Jun 18 2008 6:09pm