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How To Determine What Bmi You Should Be At - Questions & Answers

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... dex (BMI) is a tool that can be used to tell how healthy a person's weight is. You can use ... more
Aug 22 2008 6:28pm
... d tool to help determine if you fall above or below the safety line.  Here’s how to calculate your BMI. There are several websites that will provide a cal ... more
Jul 21 2008 10:19am
... r 12.5 million)-16 percent are girls and 18.2 percent are boys. But what exactly do the terms “overweight,” “obese,” and “morbidly obese” mean, and ... more
May 29 2008 4:03pm
... c) as well as weight & height measurement to determine your body mass index (BMI).  Most l ... more
Oct 08 2011 6:27pm
... fries, and a coffee, and uh yeah, OK.” My toddler, barely able to speak,knew how to order drive-thru. Oh Boy were we making the grandparents proud. Sho ... more
Jul 21 2008 10:04am
... rking out to grant themselves license to eat whatever they want, and end up consuming more ... more
Jan 25 2010 9:33am
... oint of dicratic malipitation. Child obesity should not be increasing as for it is parents ... more
May 19 2009 2:13pm
May 06 2008 7:02pm
... ass Index and waist measurement are reliable ways to determine healthy weight. However, some of you still doubt your overweight or obese status. You skeptics ... more
May 06 2008 7:02pm
... e this answer simple, you underweight.  Your Bmi is 16.4, under is <18.5, which the absenc ... more
Oct 07 2010 4:23pm