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Food Calorie Information - Questions & Answers

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... arge chains already have nutritional analysis done for their menu items. ·Most food prepared in chains is standardized in terms of ingredients, cooking instruc ... more
Jul 27 2008 11:07am
... e, most is completely outdated just like the food pyramid. A high protein diet so long as ... more
Jun 07 2011 1:16am
... g something like organic coconut fat to your food - although this is a saturated fat it is ... more
Jun 09 2010 9:45am
... ou, then you need to think carefully and realistically about restaurant or fast food. Two reasons: 1. Accurate assessment of calorie content in restaurant ... more
Apr 20 2007 11:28am
... trients your body needs to survive. Fill  food with processsed saturated fat, carbohydr ... more
Jun 09 2010 11:10am
Aug 23 2008 3:12pm
... nance was the first. According to the ruling, chain restaurants (including fast food chains) with 15 or more national franchises are required to post calorie in ... more
Aug 23 2008 3:12pm
... urning a blind eye because we don’t want to deny ourselves pleasures like fatty food or sitting in a car without a belt on. One is about life. The other about d ... more
Jul 31 2008 11:03am
Soft drinks are often called junk foods because they have little to offer in te ... more
Apr 06 2011 2:38pm
... you be better off with a different dining partner. You are learning to look at food as fuel and not entertainment. Eat something 2-3 hours before your resta ... more
May 05 2008 4:01pm
... n the equation of energy balance - the amount of energy you put into your body (food calories) vs. the amount of energy you use or amount of physical activity y ... more
May 19 2008 4:01pm