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Fast Food Health - Questions & Answers

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... efore purchasing anything packaged, bottled, wrapped or otherwise processed. Fast Food Facts - HFCS Accidental Hedonist List of HFCS grocery store foods ... more
Jun 16 2008 10:00am
... rition.  For optimal results, you need whole foods, which include complex carbohydrates, p ... more
Jan 18 2011 6:11pm
Feb 05 2008 10:29am
... atch it every thre months or so. Think fresh foods. Shop the perimiter of the grocery stor ... more
Sep 22 2009 7:17am
... Noodles have a long history in Asia; they're sold everywhere there and are the "fast food" equivalent of a hamburger or hot dog in the U.S. There are literally ... more
Jun 03 2008 3:04pm
... Did you hear about the latest recall of Slim Fast? Read these related articles: Sli ... more
Dec 21 2009 2:20pm
Mar 27 2007 10:25am
It's the junk food junkie's wildest dream come true -- pizza as health food. University of Ma ... more
Mar 27 2007 10:25am
Yes, Sabre Sciences is a research laboratory in California that sells a high grade powder ... more
Jan 12 2011 11:01pm