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Effectiveness Of Birth Control Pills - Questions & Answers

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Not that I know off. Usually a 'metal taste' in the mouth is a sign of pregnancy. I f u sk ... more
Sep 08 2009 1:30am
it depends on what the quality of your cervical fluid was and where you were in the pack ... more
May 05 2009 8:25pm
... risks with Seasonal compared with the 28-day birth control pills. Periods experienced on b ... more
Jan 16 2009 8:53am
I really hope you try this http://onemore ... more
Mar 19 2010 5:56pm
Antibiotics can diminish the effectiveness of birth control pills or oral ... more
Jun 04 2011 9:22am
Please try this There's another way. more
Mar 19 2010 5:58pm
... periencing the same thing, i took mycroginon birth control pills for 1 year, and after sto ... more
Apr 05 2010 12:42am
Hello Brenda,   No birth control pills are 100% effective. It is ... more
Mar 11 2009 11:01pm
everything is all right with your acts on your hormones, not digestion...and it' ... more
Mar 17 2010 9:58am